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Who we are

Our story At the start of 2020 on January 10, I invited my brother Pablo to Whittier Blvd, in the city of Commerce, for his 18th Birthday. We visited a friend who had a seafood stand, this is when it inspired me to get in on the food industry. After me and Pablo finished eating our lunch, I asked him, “Do you wanna open a taco business with me?” He smiled with great enthusiasm, “Yes!” I said, “Okay! Let’s also help sell our mother’s handmade flour tortillas in LA!” It didn’t take long to buy our first grill and equipment. With little cooking experience, we started to practice building our big taco. We experimented with different meats, cheeses, and salsas, inviting almost everyone we knew to come try it. 21 days of trial and error, the Perro taco was born! We decided on the name because Perro is Mexican slang, meaning bada**! And that’s what our taco is. A few weeks passed, we started bringing about 250 of our mother’s handmade tortillas from Tijuana weekly. Pablo would take a bus on Wednesdays, since we didn’t have another car at the moment, and would come back the next morning. We would get ready to serve our tacos at our first location across the street from USC Village on the sidewalk. After a good month and a half, Covid-19 hit. As it is well known, everything had to be put on pause. During lockdown, I knew that it was not over and started planning things better. I never gave up hope. Then July came. Me and Pablo went out again in our neighborhood of South LA and things started to go faster. Our sales went throw the roof, so the decision was made to expand. Another location was made on Whittier Blvd, where the idea was created! Then we went to other locations where we faced other difficulties. After months and months of hardships, failures, and getting kicked out of other cities due to residents’ complaints, we tried our luck again to set up a taco stand near the train tracks in Cudahy. Three weeks later, we were blessed when we went viral on TikTok! Everything changed. The opportunity came and we purchased our first food truck and made it to Downtown LA! Things became more positive and more work came. I seriously loved the process, despite everything. We’re always working hard day by day to serve the best tacos around. It hasn’t been an easy path overall, we’ve gone through a lot, too many to name. But they were the only challenges that made us stronger because I believe our tacos are no ordinary tacos, they are extraordinary.